Training and Research

Being one of the earliest startups focusing on geoinformation management and digital mapping in Nepal, NAXA has played a vital role in taking forward the whole sector of digital mapping in a country where mapping was in a really primitive form. The company has advocated for the significance of geodata in better planning and analysis. This includes series of map literacy training, GIS mapping training and also crowdmapping sessions that the company has voluntarily engaged in. One of the primary objectives of the company has been to promote the use of digital maps. So, the team has gained good experience in leading trainings, advocacy sessions and technical engagement around the same.

We provide tailored training packages in GIS Mapping, OpenStreetMap and Web GIS to students, researchers and government and non-government officials. We also carry out research on the localization of latest geospatial technologies.

  • Geographical Information System Training: We design need based curriculum and provide basic as well as advanced GIS training to students, researchers, engineers and professionals . We develop skilled human resource in the industry of digital mapping ¬†using of both commercial and open Source GIS Applications: Arc MAP, Arc Scene, QGIS etc.
  • Map Literacy Training: We organize community level mapping training in open mapping platforms like OpenStreetMaps. These training build capacity of community members to map their communities themselves. We adopt engaging approach in the training by organizing games like treasure hunt.
  • Technological Fitting in Local Context: Technologies evolving in Geo-spatial field are being used throughout the globe in wide sectors. The scope of technologies differs with the diversity present in a country. We research the possible use and scope of new technologies mostly related with location and mapping in the complex geography of Nepal.