We conceptualize and pitch ideas that focuses on  digitizing government service deliveries and build tools that can  government carry data driven decision making. Developmental status and activities are directly related to the governance of each country. The government is responsible for planning and putting that plan under effect. The major reason for slow development in low income country is that, the officials still resort to traditional systems like paper based data and manual work-flow. These systems are outdated in today’s context therefore the systems and government in these countries are yet to achieve the perks and efficiency of the modern day digital systems. The following are the features of e-governance:

Effective service delivery: Application for E-governance connects citizens and government by effectively communicating information between citizens and the government officials. Digital applications make the governmental services reach more clients in less amount of time contradicting the current governmental services that are time consuming and hectic.

Digital Platforms for Information dissemination: We build both web and mobile based applications. These applications reach out to the vast number of citizens, providing  government related information to every part of the country. These digital platforms revolutionize the concept of information sharing by providing information access to every citizen.

Digital Progress Tracking System: Governmental activities need to track progress taking place from the ministry to the individual level offices. It is difficult to communicate between the government offices as all of their hands are full. In this scenario, our application provides timely reporting features and progress tracking, so that officials could save time and utilize it more on public service.

Crowdsourcing applications: Crowdsourcing application connects the voice of citizens to the government. Be it for problem reporting, polling vote or several other services, we aspire to bridge the gap between population and the governmental organizations through our applications.