International Womens’ Day

Blogger: Neeta Pokherel, GIS Intern

Creating Delight at NAXA: International Women’s Day

Where there is a woman, there is magic!

And where there are lots of women, there is more of the magic. This is the saying of the male staff at NAXA. Small or big, extravagant or simple, the International Women’s day is worth celebrating for a handful of reasons. So, it was decided to have a small celebration for sweet memory.

We, the women team at NAXA, wanted to make the program short and sweet as it was Friday- “The weeky futsal day” of our male colleagues. Whilst enforcing empowerment, balance was given emphasis.

The celebration consisted of three sections. The first section was a “Women’s Day Special Message”. Staff were given different coloured sticky notes and asked to write their message for women’s day. These beautiful messages have made our beautiful.

The second section was a refreshing game “Anonymous Comment”. The names of every staff were written on pieces of paper. Every staff was given one piece of paper (random). The participant then wrote comment(s) for the name mentioned. When everybody finished commenting on the name they were given, the papers were collected. Then, the particular staff read his/her comment aloud, keeping the commenter anonymous. It was a moment of joy and connection.

What is celebration without food and food was made an integral part of the celebration. Emphasis was laid on “hygienic as well as tasty”. Therefore, the beautiful female staff of NAXA prepared yummy Panipuri. Whilst advocating Gender Equality and demonstrating it with our NAXA-actions, we also showed that Women are women! – Three varieties of Panipuri were prepared at an instant. We also invented our own Panipuri flavor on the spot. The program wrapped off with best wishes and few clicks.

Women’s Day : Thanking the women in our lives.