“Celebrating Surveying and Mapping Profession” : Second Global Surveyors’ Day

Celebrating Surveying and Mapping Profession“: Second Global Surveyors’ Day


Nepal Geomatics Engineering Society, Nepal Surveyors’ Association, Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society and Nepal Institute of Chartered Surveyors co-hosted this year’s Global Surveyors’ Day event at Survey Department, Minbhawan, Kathmandu on March 21 2019. March 21 marks Global Surveyors’ Day and this year it’s the second time the event was being celebrated around the globe. NAXA is proud to have supported the event as an event partner.

Organized with the theme of “Celebrating Surveying and Mapping Profession“, the Second Global Surveyors’ Day was celebrated with surveying veterans and young talents entering the sector. Organized jointly by four institutions working on the Geomatics domain, the program included Keynote speech from Hon. Er Sushil Bhatta from National Planning Commission, panel discussion on the theme “5 Generations in Surveying and Geomatics in Nepal: From Chain Survey to Drone Survey” and mapping competition with the title “Nepal in Maps”. The program also included exhibitions from private companies working in Geomatics domain. The program was addressed by Hon. Minister Padma Kumari Aryal , Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation and from Secretary, Mr. Gopi Nath Mainali.

Hon. Minister Padma Kumari Aryal , Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation addressing the event

The event was a three hours long program with inspirational talks, panel discussions and networking sessions among invitees from government, non-government and private sector. The focus of the program was mainly on analyzing how the surveying and mapping profession has emerged, evolved and transformed in Nepal and also in the planning and recommendation for  future. The event had a wide participation from distinguished guests from the Ministry of Land Management, pioneers in the professions, academicians and private sector representatives. The program also was a great opportunity for young professionals to learn and extend network in the profession.

Hon. Member of the National Planning Commission, Er. Sushil Bhatta delivering Keynote speech at the ceremony.

Er. Bhatta lauded the cohesive effort of the organizations in Geomatics domain. He also appreciated the role of geomatics profession and professionals in nation building.

For the panel discussion, a unique and interesting panel was laid. The Panelists were:

Chair of the session: Rabinkaji Sharma, Border Nepal Buddhi

  1. First Generation: Surveyors who started his/her career in from 2015 to 2030 – Mr. Buddhinarayan Shrestha
  2. Second Generation: Surveyors who started his/her career from 2030 to 2045- Mr. Baburam Acharya
  3. Third Generation: Surveyors Who started his/her career from 2045 to 2060 – Ganesh Prasad Bhatta
  4. Fourth Generation: Surveyors who started his/her career from 2060 to 2075- Bhuwan Ranjit
  5. Fifth Generation: Surveyors who has not started his her career in the Government yet, working in the private sector: Uttam Pudasaini, Co-founder, NAXA Pvt. Ltd.

Moderator of the Panel Discussion: Janak Raj Joshi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation

Panel Discussion: From right to left- 1st Generation to 5th

Regarding the panel discussion , our co-founder Uttam Pudasaini was one of the panelist representing 5th generation of surveyors. He shared the current challenges and opportunities that lies in this profession for anyone who want to start their own business related to this profession.

There were two sub-events of the Global Surveyors’ Day Programs – Nepal in Maps: Map Design Competition and Futsal Tournament for the promotion and the networking of the event. .The futsal tournament was held on 20th March and was participated by eight teams. NGES (Nepal Geomatics Engineering Society) won the futsal tournament.

NGES Futsal team being awarded the trophy by Honorable Minister

The other sub-event, Nepal in Maps: Map Design Competition was a map design competition: individuals or group of individuals (max 3) or organizations could participate to submit the best design for map of Nepal. The event occured on 21 March 2019, Thursday at Survey Department premises. The event was supported by Naxa by the participation and support of the NAXA GIS team.

The winner was selected by the jury and with the following cash prize of NRs 10000 and awards. The winner is Mr. Bijay Maharjan, Msc in GIS and Remote Sensing who is currently working as a GIS Consultant.

Nepal in Maps: Map Design Competition banner

The motto of NAXA is “Location Matters!”. It was a great privilege for NAXA  to co-host this event and the outcome of the event has refueled our passion to the Geomatics Domain. NAXA aims to promote the geo-spatial industry and this event was one of the ways to establish a community. We are in eager anticipation for further events like this with national stakeholders and geo-spatial enthusiasts.