project name:Better Construction Supervision System(BCSS)

Organization name:United Nations Office of Project Systems (UNOPS)

Type:Mobile+Web Application

Objective:A dynamic data collection system

FieldSight is a dynamic data collection system being developed for UNOPS. This system is initially

targeted to monitor reconstruction projects being carried out by different agencies in Nepal.

The long term target is to expand its utility in various kinds of projects. This application is a

system developed over Kobocollect, a widely used dynamic digital data collection system.

FieldSight contains an hierarchy of users, organizations, projects and sites to serve a generic

institutional setup. Users are assigned as Organization Admin, Project Manager, Data Validator

or Site Supervisor.

A form can be created according to the need of the project and can be assigned to sites or

projects so that site supervisors can receive it in the mobile application and then submit

responses. Additionally, group of forms set up for stages in a project can be created. Forms can

be scheduled for days of the week.

According to the number of responses and validated stage data, progress of the construction

project is generated in the web dashboard. The web dashboard is able to visualize submissions

over maps, charts and tables.


 Web form builder

 Users with permissions and restrictions according to their role in the system

 Forms received in the mobile

 Responses visualized over maps, tables and charts

 Progress of the site can be tracked

 Can accommodate multiple organizations, projects and sites.