Our initiatives

We try to create our own

Apart from the client based projects, we try to implement our own ideas into reality. Here are some of the ideas that are successfully implemented.


Kathmandu city has been suffering from the garbage problem from many years. Every streets are filled with garbages here and there but no one is ready to solve the problem. To cope with the problem, different types of ideas such as recycling the garbage, electricity from garbage etc arose. But these ideas only work if the garbage is collected in one place, there was no mechanism to inform if anyone notices the garbage in the streets. Then the idea strike on our mind to make streets cleaner by making an mobile application to report the garbage problem. Then the mobile application "Clean City" as well as web panel to view data was developed by the team in International Space Apps Challange organised by "NASA" and was nominated for global judging in "Most Inspiring" Category in 2014. But only reporting the garbage doesnot make sense if the response is not provided and garbage is not cleaned, so we partnered with Kathmandu Metropolitan City and modified and upgraded the app to "Clean Ktm".

This application was designed and developed to help in solving the problem of solid waste in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It enables reporting the location of waste dumps along with photos and messages that gets notified to the concerned authority and pressurize it to manage the waste. Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office is currently using the web application of this Android app and has been responding to every report sent by the public. This app is also available on Google play store with the name Clean KTM.



The disasterous earthquake struck Nepal in 2015 which killed and injured many people, damaged households, structures etc. After earthquake differnent doner agencies lend a helping hand by donating money, foods and goods. But the identification of the damge and loss as well as proper distribution was always the problem because of the lack of data. Then we thought if we could help a little in collecting a data this can be very useful later to identify the damage and decided to make a crowdsourcing application "Heritage Collect". Anyone can report the damage whether the damage is complete, partial, minor or no damage. A mobile application is developed the data and the web application is developed to view the reported data and locations. Web application can be viewed on http://www.naxa.com.np/heritagte and mobile application can be downloaded from google play store.