Digital Mapping

Maps are the graphical representation of reality. They are not a reality in themselves, but by virtue of symbols and elements they tend to best represent the reality. The location information shared through  maps have a wide range of usability, navigational features being one of the primary uses. We focus on the use of location datasets and visualizing them through hard copy maps, map-based applications and portals.

Paper Maps and Information Boards: We prepare maps on paper as per Client requests. Be it topographical Maps, Tourist Maps or Project location maps , We provide mapping services under different themes. We also develop Information boards that can be installed on streets and outside locations to disseminate map-based information.

Interactive Web Mapping :. We provide GIS-based Mapping services ranging from geographical data management to spatial analysis for informed decision making. We emphasize on digital mapping and provide services that allow users to create maps in a digital medium , interact over the maps and draw meaningful information via map-based queries.

Location Based Services: We develop location based digital mapping application and services for  both web and mobile platforms.Besides, Digital interactive web mapping , we also develop geoportals that allows organization and even government bodies to create and maintain a map based inventory of their works, projects or any other datasets that can be associated with specific locations.

Digital Participatory Community Mapping: We have developed our custom methodology for Participatory mapping in the communities of Nepal where we combine Digital Mapping techniques with the community based participatory approach to come up with updated map of the community in both paper as well as digital medium. Participatory digital mapping approach gives us better results with enhanced accuracy (in terms of local confidence) and also helps us to mould with each society we are working with.