Digital Data Management

In Layman terms, Data are the building blocks for each decisions. They are the facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis purpose. Every information is derived from data. We provide digital solutions that contribute to data collection and visualization.

    • Collect data not paper: We positively discourage the use of paper based data collection system and provide digital tools that allows an organization to collect digital data with ┬áthe help of digital forms. Technologys has introduced superior means for data collection which are way more efficient than paper based data collection making the new system robust, dynamic and sustaining.
    • Mobile Application for Data Collection: Mobile computing devices are being widely used around the world. Therefore we are developing mobile platforms for data collection purpose, this process would cut the cost of the project. And the exponential availability of mobile devices increases the scope of data collection.
    • Web Application for Data visualization and Analysis: Data visualization is an important aspect as the patterns are necessary for better understanding of these scattered details. We build applications which enables the users to visualize various types of data using different types of visualization options and tools. This helps in analysis of ┬ádata for decision making purpose.
    • Project progress Reporting: The application presents feature which enables the user to export the data in both raw format or by the means of any sort of visualization. The feature provides printing option in a report like format. This helps in representing the soft copy visualization of the application to be morphed into hard copy for further analysis and tracking project progress.