Web based Risk Assessment Platform

Title : Online GIS based Open Source Risk Assessment Platform

Client Name   : Voluntary Service Overseas

Status   : Ongoing


Changunarayan and Shankharapur Municipalities are two rapidly urbanizing units in Kathmandu Valley. Being near the core commercial area in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, these municipalities have witnessed growth in population mainly due to immigration from other locations. Even though great opportunities for economic growth have opened up because of development of commercial, industrial and residential areas,  the risks that come up with rapid urbanization are higher. Use of agricultural land and open spaces for construction of residential structures with less effective guidelines in construction has made the urban population more vulnerable. Hazards that occur due to unplanned urbanization and exploitation of natural resources add up to the risks in the municipalities.Even though the urbanization that has already happened is irreversible, it is a need of the time that further development be planned scientifically.Also, the formation of governments at local level creates an opportunity. There is a dire need to identify the available resources, status of infrastructures and most importantly the risks that exist, analyze the risks overlaying over other urban utilities and administrative layers and plan effectively.

The web based tool is one of the  outcome set by the project PRAGATI (“Promoting Resilient And sustainable urban Growth by Augmenting DRR capacity of Local Authorities Through active private sector Involvement”) . This is an urban DRR project designed referring to the priorities of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) to promote resilient and sustainable urban growth through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) capacity building of local authorities and active involvement of the private sector and local population.The digital platform is a decision making system that helps both of the Municipalities to form municipal disaster risk management plans (MDRMP) and municipal emergency preparedness response plan (MEPRPs) by providing access to all municipal datasets as data layers under the digital portal.


Key Project Components:

  • A web platform that allows user to interact with the household level geocoded datasets, view attribute information like building type,building materials, no. of floors, photographs etc. and filter datasets as per standard categories.
  • Datasets like Administrative layers,Settlement clusters,Health institutions ,Educational institutions, Hotels and lodges, Urban utilities like Highway, Roads, Rivers, etc. visualized over base maps as interactive map layers
  • Inventory of Prominent data layers required for DRR, preparedness and response like open spaces, emergency centers,emergency responders like ambulances, Red cross, security forces, disaster response team etc. along with their attribute information.
  • An android based mobile application to access the web platform datasets.
  • Route details to nearest evacuation centers, emergency centers on click of a button during emergency situations using their mobile phones.
  • Technical support to the project partners to perform digital mapping during Participatory Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment (PVCA) in both municipalities
  • Develop Risk and Hazard maps of Municipality based on the information received from Participatory Vulnerability Capacity Assessment and share it with the Municipality offices
  • Capacitate and institutionalize the consortium partners and municipality offices regarding the necessity of digital mapping and use of geospatial datasets for decision making.