Virtual Reality Model of an Earthquake Damaged Village in Rural Nepal

The virtual tour of Eklephant Village, Sangachowk, Sindhupalchok, is a panoramic tour of the village that allows viewer to travel around the village , explore individual houses to see how it has been repaired after the Earthquake damage.The panoramic tour is a very powerful educational material as it allows viewers to interact with the building elements and see what new components has been added to an earthquake damage building to increase the structural strength.

Use of Frontier digital technology to educate Engineers and locals the benefits of Retrofitting earthquake damaged structures. Technical Development team for Build Change


Title: Virtual reality model of an earthquake damaged village in rural nepal:

Client Name: Build Change

Project Status: Completed

Nepal Earthquake 2015 caused damage to estimated 750,000 houses. As per statistics from different reports, almost 2/3rd of them are still standing though they have undergone heavy damage. Majority of affected population believe that the solution to an earthquake damaged house is demolition of the house and replacing it with a new one. Most of them do not know about the benefits of retrofitting , a science that brings a cost effective way to increase the structural strength of a building making it more resilient to earthquake.Retrofitting adds different components to make it safer and more secure.

    Retrofitting is an innovative and cost-effective method of seismically strengthening existing houses by strengthening structural elements and stabilizing the current structure, making them earthquake resistant.Many of the buildings in rural villages of Nepal have not been designed to be safe during earthquake.The people living in rural villages never had access to safer construction information and different housing practices. This innovative tool can also be a model for demonstrating the value of a low cost retrofitting solution to the earthquake affected homeowners and even the government authorities.

An estimated 500,000 houses are only partially damaged after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.An estimated 2.5 million lives would be made safer from future earthquakes if these 500,000 homeowners are aware of and choose the option to retrofit.  Not only would millions of people be safer, but in the process an estimated 30 megatons of construction materials and 1 billion USD in reconstruction costs would be saved as well. This tool is one of many options to educate people, government and engineers the benefits of retrofitting and how it makes a shelter more safer and strong.