Clean KTM

Clean KTM is a crowd reporting platform that allows citizens of kathmandu to report the  waste being treated arbitrarily around the city just by capturing an image and pressing of a button on their phone.

Title : Clean KTM Mobile APP

Client Name : Subcontract for Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Project Status: Completed

“Clean KTM is a mobile app which was launched by the then Chief Secretary of Nepal Government Mr. Leela Mani Poudel during the 100th week of Clean Bagmati Campaign. Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office is currently using the web application of this Android app and has been responding to reports sent by the public. “

Clean KTM is a crowd reporting platform that allows citizens of kathmandu to report the  waste being treated arbitrarily around the city just by capturing an image and pressing of a button on their phone. We hope that the application could be eyes and ears of the waste management committee of the city office as it provides location based information of waste locations in the city.

This system is built of two major components: a mobile component and a web component. The web component available only to Municipality authority provides an interface to view all the reports that are sent by the general public. Admin can view all the categories of reports over the web map with their respective locations and time-stamp while the mobile application enables users to report the location of waste dumps along with photos and messages. The citizens can also select the category of the waste i.e Degradable, Biodegradable and Non-Degradable and send the report of waste locations along with photographs and location data of the waste.


The app serves as a communication bridge between the common population and the Kathmandu Metropolitan Office. This application is an attempt at linking the Human for crowdsourcing and digital sensors in the form of mobile applications. By taking potential public participation and its advantages into account, we decided to utilize the power of public and tried to engage them in collaborative functioning along with the municipality officials. The application aids as a crowd reporting platform which facilitates the users to report any kind of garbage misconduct or mismanagement. More precisely, the application enables an user to digitally send information to the municipality office along with its digital photograph and spatial location. The data sent  appears in a report like format in the admin dashboard in the municipality. And after getting evidence, the municipality dispatches units for cleanliness and garbage management purpose. This is how the application helps to eradicate the waste and garbage mismanagement.

The term pollution basically reflects air pollution as the city of Kathmandu is clouded with dust particles and many other impurities however the existing situation of water pollution is equally


troubling as well. Bottom line is that the majestic Kathmandu valley from the books in the past has been reduced to a mere ghost of its former self. Kathmandu is overly crowded, and as a result it generates the waste in an alarming rate. And due to unorganized urbanization, the garbages are not managed properly which will further deteriorate the environment. Seeing garbage mismanaged and thrown haphazardly are a common site in this city of temples.  The major motivation behind the development of the platform ‘Clean KTM’ is also the existing problem of haphazard waste disposal..

We’ve been featured in various national newspapers receiving positive response and encouragement to keep working on the management of waste around the city. We have received a surprising amount of coverage from national newspapers and good reviews from the general populace after we got a chance to collaborate with the KTM Municipality back in 2015.


The ultimate goal of the app is to minimize the litter crisis in Kathmandu and Nepal at large including all other cities in the country. We want this to happen not only by people reporting issues of inappropriately discarded waste but also to use the application as a platform through which we may disseminate information to the public about how to manage waste at their home, how to reuse it and how to handle it properly.After the local election and formation of new provincial government, this opens up an opportunity for us to pitch an idea and try convincing the government in all these provinces.

We want the app to become the de facto tool of the Nepal government and people for all waste reporting and management related matters.This app is also available on Google play store with the name ‘Clean KTM’.