We advocate to build a map friendly world!


In 2010, we met as graduate students at Kathmandu University.

While we were studying Engineering, we learnt that paper maps and data are being used heavily within government and non-governmental agencies. With the advancement of technology, everything about data is being digital rapidly in different countries. So, we thought about adopting the new technologies and storing, managing and disseminating data in the digital format. Then we decided to open "NAXA" and make the digital world of map.


Naxa Pvt. Ltd. is a service-oriented company founded by young graduates aspiring to trigger a revolution in the sector of Geo-informatics in Nepal. The founders are Geomatics Engineers, experts in the profession that deals specially with Surveying and Mapping, Geographical Information System (GIS), Location Based Service (LBS) Development and Digital Geospatial Data Management.

Started for the first time in South Asia at Kathmandu University, Geomatics Engineering is a rapidly progressing profession that develops technologies ranging from Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) to even more sophisticated ones like Remote Sensing through Satellites and Aerial Photogrammetry using airplanes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/ Drones. Geomatics Engineering specializes in acquiring, maintaining, visualizing and analyzing geographic information. Funded by Ministry of Land Reform and Management, students pursuing this course are selected on merit basis for up to 75% financial subsidy and placed in Government Agencies soon after graduating.

NAXA Pvt. Ltd. is an outcome of the willpower to introduce location data as the foundational data for any developmental activity. NAXA looks forward to contribute not only in the sector of geo-informatics but in all the fields that can be advantaged by the effective use of the data that NAXA produces, maintains and disseminates. Moreover, NAXA believes that everyone should be map-literate. That is why we envision a time when everyone has access to visually attractive and accurate maps and find answers to the question of “Where?” on his/her fingertips. Our ambition is to lead to that condition through the best use of our proficiency, creativity and innovation. Rising from the traditional practices in surveying, mapping, GIS and LBS, we at NAXA aspire to transform this sector into a more efficient, sophisticated and user centric state.